The Check-In: Prove You’re The Real Ca$h Out

Ca$h Out has firmly established himself as one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers in the game with his single “Cashin’ Out.” Anyone who follows hip-hop should already recognize him on sight. That doesn’t stop The Check-In‘s Eric and Jeff Rosenthal from asking the hard question: “How do we know you’re the real Ca$h Out?” Sure, he claims to be the real Ca$h Out on his Twitter, but how can we really be sure? After all, Jeff does an amazing impersonation of Ca$h Out, so how do we know he’s not the real Ca$h Out?

After getting that settled, the guys want to make sure people understand that “Cashin’ Out” is more than just a fun song. To prove it, Ca$h Out agrees to perform the song deadly serious. It’s really a performance you have to see to understand and it’s definitely something you won’t get anywhere besides MTV Clutch.

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