Brain-Melting Nostalgia Blast: Cover Girl For Blink-182


Here she is now. Her name is Janine Lindemulder, by the way, a former porn star, the ex-wife of Jesse James and the woman all pop-punk rockers lusted after in 1999. She retired from the porn industry around that time to pursue a career teaching kindergarten, which didn’t work out. In 2002 she married Jesse James of West Coast Choppers. They had a daughter together but the pair later divorced and in 2005 she return to porn. Things got rocky for her in 2008 when she was sent sentenced to six months in prison for tax evasion. The former Penthouse Pet has surely been doing other things since her release but they’re not easily discoverable on the Web.

We saw this image on BuzzFeed yesterday where she caught a bit of hate; she had some defenders in the Reddit post where it originated. Let’s play Photo Hunt: The differences between her appearance then and now is 13 years, a lack of makeup, a large neck tattoo, a haircut and less visible cleavage. The image on the right is actually about 18 months old. In a more recent mugshot her hair is down and she’s nearly smiling. Our ruling is, the woman is 43 years old and doesn’t deserve ridicule. Now descending from a horse of mid-range height

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