6 Bizarre Foreign Commercials Featuring Pro Athletes

The Basketball Jones got their hands on this wonderful Chinese beer commercial that just happens to star Atlanta Hawks guard Tracy McGrady. Sedrin is the official Chinese beer of the NBA, and that means the NBA has an official Chinese beer. The more you know.

Foreign commercials (especially Japanese ones) are notoriously bizarre but are able to attract top-tier celebrities because of, well, the outlandish paycheck. Stars used to shuttle over to the host country, throw together a few lines in the native tongue, sign the check and then brush it under the rug, never to be spoken of again. Then, the Internet happened. Now we get to see celebrities speaking tongues in these seizure-inducing commercials.

More recently, we’re seeing pro athletes testing out the foreign ad waters (NBA lockout, tough economy, you know how it is). So watch Tracy McGrady and these 5 other ads featuring professional athletes looking absolutely ridiculous as they hawk overseas goods.

Tracy McGrady

So many things had to go right for that beer-stealing plan to work.

Tiger Woods

Not even a Japanese ad can make Tiger seem goofy.

Kobe Bryant

The most far-fetched part of this is that Kobe Bryant is carrying around his own basketball.

Kobe Bryant again

Nothing like a Sprite to quench your thirst after some intense roundball action.

David Beckham

Take one part Teletubbies, one part meditation vision, one part chocolate, and you have this ad.

3 Japanese ads featuring Americans who play ball in Japan

We don’t know who they are, but we don’t care. This is art.

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