You Can Drink Cheap Beers With Kel Mitchell

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Remember Kel Mitchell of Nickelodeon‘s “All That“? Well, thanks to Buzzfeed we now know what happened to him, and it is sad:

Can’t Kenan Thompson throw him a bone? Those two used to be inseparable. On  “All That,” they unleashed upon the world the stupid-yet-iconic “Good Burger” sketches, which somehow got turned into a movie and an actual (not half-bad!) burger chain. They even starred in their own spinoff comedy series, “Kenan and Kel.” They were the dynamic due of adolescent sketch comedy. Nothing could stop them. It even appeared Kel was the one most likely to break out, as he scored a supporting role in the star-studded “Mystery Men” in 1999. Dude held his own with the likes of Ben Stiller, Paul Reubens and William H. Macy. Sure, those guys all mailed it in, but still…

We don’t know what happened, but Kel all but disappeared and Kenan blew up, landing a spot on the “SNL” cast and now enjoying a surprisingly successful run there. We suspect there’s some sort of “The Prestige” thing happening here. So if you’re in Hempstead, NY tomorrow, please go to Kel’s bar events. If you can’t do it out of the goodness of your heart, then do it for all the ’90s children who once dreamed of going to an orange soda party with Kel Mitchell.

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