2 Chainz Arrested At Airport With Old-Timey Weapon

Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

When most rappers get arrested at the airport, it’s because they’re packing heat or weed. Not 2 Chainz! According to TMZ, the popular rapper was just arrested at LaGuardia Airport in New York for having brass knuckles in his carry-on. Which means, among other things, brass knuckles are still a thing.

Either Mr. Chainz is a bookie’s enforcer in his spare time or he just thinks he needs more protection after appearing in Kreayshawn‘s cringe-worthy “Breakfast” video. But couldn’t he just acquire some brassies at his destination in North Carolina? Or something similar, like, say, a bat or a brick or ANYTHING ELSE that wouldn’t necessitate packing it in your carry-on.

Whatever the reasoning, there’s only one way he can talk his way out of this: pull the Mark Wahlberg card. Say you’re the ultimate patriot and you were just preparing to stop the next 9/11 if any jokers on your flight were planning to hijack the plane.

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