Kyrie Irving Punks Pick-Up Game As ‘Uncle Drew’

MTV Clutch learned NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving has a good sense of humor when The Check-In caught up with him during this year’s All-Star Weekend. However, we had no idea that the 20-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers star has an Eddie Murphy-like ability to shape-shift into an old-man character.

Irving teamed up with Pepsi Max to prank a pick-up basketball game in Bloomfield, NJ. Before arriving, Irving sits through hours of movie make-up magic to become “Uncle Drew” — a white-haired old man who won’t stop running his mouth from the sidelines. When there’s an injury on the court and the game needs another player to resume, Drew’s “nephew” suggests his uncle should play. At first, the other players think it’s a joke as Irving plays up the feeble old man routine. Before long though, the star point guard begins busting out the moves that made him the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.

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