DJ Pauly D Annouces His Own Car, Bike And Concert Super Show

It’s pretty clear by now that Pauly D is the most marketable and business-savvy member of the “Jersey Shore” cast (sorry, Snooki). He could just sit back and watch the bucks flow in from all his endorsements, but he keeps on hustling: whether it’s spinning on his own spinoff, getting into the booze biz or touring with Britney–dude’s always busy.

You could even say… he’s in the DRIVER’S SEAT. So not surprisingly, he’s helming the 2012 DJ Pauly D So Fresh & So Clean Celebrity Car, Bike & Concert Supershow (yes, that’s the official name). The August 12 one-day-only mega-event in his home state Rhode Island will feature the year’s hottest cars and bikes, including custom celebrity rides. And, of course, Pauly D on the ones and twos and 20-inch rims.

So if you’re a gearhead, a juicehead or just in the neighborhood, be sure to check out for tickets and more information.

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