Kris Humphries Embraces His Inner Douchebag [Video]

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

If the Summer Olympics rewarded teams for being douchebags, Team USA would easily win the gold. While the likes of Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose are leading the way for humble stars, the NBA still has a lion’s share of d-bags and nobody leads the pack quite like the NetsKris Humphries. Between the caveman face and the fling with the Broad with the Big Ass, Humphries has built an impressive resume. The power forward gets booed by his hometown fans… even though he was easily their second-best player last season with Brook Lopez on injury reserve. We’re looking forward to the Nets’ move to Brooklyn where Kris can box-out hipsters or steal a kid’s hot dog at Coney Island.

While his missteps have been many, it looks like Humphries at least has a sense of humor about it and shot a video with Funny Or Die mocking himself. This may be his first step on the road to redemption… or it may just be more fuel for fans’ hatred.

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