How To Escape Awkward Situations [GIFs]

If you’re anything like us, you regularly find yourself in awkward situations. Your face starts burning, you swallow hard, your pulse races, your mouth begins spewing verbal diarrhea and before you know it, you’ve made the moment even more uncomfortable. Lucky for you, the MTV Clutch staff has years of combined experience in digging ourselves into embarassing holes and have learned a thing or two about avoiding it. While awkward moments are destined to occur, you can always come through squeaky clean as long as you keep your head. Below are three fool-proof escape plans for getting yourself out of these strange moments. To make things even easier for you, we’ve designed easy-t0-follow animated GIFs for study aids. Execute wisely and be safe out there.

Situation #1:

You and your best friend are watching the game. You both stretch at the same time and begin to rest your arms on the back of the couch to get comfortable. Before you know it, your arms are around each other.

Escape Plan:

Smack your friend. Continue watching game. Enjoy life.

Situation #2:

Against all odds, you’re out on a date with a woman you’re not paying. Unfortunately, at dinner you can’t help but squeeze out a fart. The smell could melt a child’s face off.

Escape Plan:

Blame the waiter. Have a laugh. Enjoy life.

Situation #3:

You’re talking to a girl at a party and it’s going well. You make a bad joke about your favorite Greek God being Testiclesius. She is not amused AND a little turned off.

Escape plan:

Tell her you’re in med school. Say you learned the testicles are named after the Greek God of Baby-Making, Testiclesius. Win the game!

Thanks to Jim Tews for GIF design and our recreation actors Ashley B Roberts, Charles Gould and Tyler Fischer.

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