Tattoo Artist Surgically Attaches iPod To Arm

Via YouTube

Via The FW comes this tale of extreme tattooing: tat artist Dave Hurban of New Jersey attached his iPod nano to his wrist. He’s calling it the iDermal, and we’re pretty sure that’s the opening scene from “Gattica.” It would be one thing if he did this in 2008, when iPods were still hip. But now? Might as well have a pog slammer attached to your arm.

OK, so Dave actually implanted four magnets under his skin, which is what holds the iPod (or keys, or coins, or any other metallic objects that are apparently too hard to dig out of pockets) in place. Plus, he can keep the iPod on his person while working out without any straps or cases. Pretty small price to pay for ultimate convenience, I’d say! On the down side, don’t magnets destroy mobile devices?

Anyway, if you don’t believe us, we have the (bloody) video to prove it!

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