World Record For Fist-Pumping Set, Surprisingly Not In New Jersey

Credit: MTV Remote Control

If we told you, “Hey, a guy just set the Guinness World Record for fist-pumping,” you’d assume it happened during an episode of “Jersey Shore.” To your amazement and ours, the record was set in Ohio, in the shadow of LeBron James‘ old stomping grounds at the University of Akron. It’s OK, let the shock wear off and then allow one New Jersey-shaped tear to fall down your spray-tanned cheek.

The “Jersey Shore” cast made the fist pump popular but James Patterson, a 34-year-old unemployed electrician, is a veteran of the activity. Sort of. He used to hang light fixtures, so he’s used to holding his arm above his head for long periods of time. Since he’s the only one who’s ever decided to do this, he set the world record on his first attempt. He strutted around the University of Akron campus for a solid 16 hours, fist pumping his brains out the whole time. Congrats, bro.

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