Clutch MMA Awards For ‘Bellator 68′

We have to admit, “Bellator 68″ wasn’t as full of knockouts and submissions like we anticipated. You can’t have people getting their limbs contorted and faces punched off every week. Nevertheless, it was a solid round of fights as the featherweight tournament winner was crowned and an exciting throwdown was mired in controversy.

Crotch Shot Heard Around The World

Daniel Straus took home $100k and a shot at the Bellator featherweight title by handily beating Marlon Sandro. Sucks for Sandro as this is the third straight time he has made it to the finals and lost. But there’s a possibility that a kick in the nuts changed the game for Sandro. As soon as the bell sounded, Straus ran in and drilled Sandro in the family jewels. You could literally hear the foot slap the cup as Sandro cringed and fell to his knees. Sandro eventually was able to continue fighting but he lacked the killer instinct he usually possesses. A shot in the nads will do that to you.

Comeback Kid

Twenty-year-old Marcin Held looked like his night was going to end pretty early in his bout against Derrick Kennington. Kennington socked Marcin in the face and dropped him seconds into the fight. Held looked shocked and got to his feet only to be punched in the face some more. Held thought about it and decided to take the fight to the ground. Smart move. Moments later, Held locked in a leglock and got the tapout at the 2:08 mark.

No Satisfaction

Controversy seems to follow Marius “The Whitemare” Zaromski and Waachiim Spiritwolf whenever they step into the cage. Their first fight in 2010 ended in six seconds after Spiritwolf was accidentally poked in the eye. The rematch was fun but that cloud of controversy continued to follow. This time, Spiritwolf seemed to be getting the better of “The Whitemare” in the second round and clobbered him with a series of elbows and punches. Unfortunately, during the beating, a cut over Spiritwolf’s eye began to open and pour blood. It didn’t look that bad but a doctor decided that the fight should be stopped and called it at the end of the second round. The result was promptly booed.

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