Inaugural Class For The Fat Guys Hall Of Fame

Too many people out there don’t appreciate the fact we live in a country where it rains Dr. Pepper and cheeseburgers grow on trees. We’ve come a long way from the Great Depression where survival meant eating soup made from hooves and worms and whatever else your great-granddad could get his grimy Jazz Era fingers on. We should appreciate our state of weight these days. If anything, it’s a prize. And like any prize, there are champions who show it off well. Legends like Babe Ruth, John Belushi and Refrigerator Perry. To honor the robust greats, we have founded The MTV Clutch Fat Guys Hall of Fame and now proudly present its inaugural class.

Babe Ruth

Credit: Hulton Archive/Stringer/Getty Images

The Bambino is a natural lock for the FGHoF. He revolutionized baseball, dominated the game for most of his 21-season career and most importantly played with an unimpressive, unathletic weight of 215 pounds. Sounds pretty meek by today’s standards, but this was the Roaring ’20s when steaks weighed more than orphans and to get one you had to be a king, Al Capone or a NY Yankee who led the league in homers.

John Belushi

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

“Comedy” and “fat” go hand in hand like “weird” and Lady Gaga. John Belushi debuted on “Saturday Night Live” in its inaugural 1975 season. In between seasons and handfuls of Doritos he starred in “Animal House,” a comedy film so epic it redefined frat life to the point where you had to have at least one fat guy in there. A man so attached to food and partying, he waged the famous food fight in the movie, but his hard partying and poor health led to his unfortunate death in 1982…The Year the Flab Died.

William Howard Taft

Credit:Topical Press Agency/Stringer/Getty Images

William Howard Taft became the 27th Prez of the US despite weighing over 300 pounds. While he only served one term, in that short time he managed to install a special over-sized bathtub in the White House and admit New Mexico as a state. As a result, he holds the record for eating the most pork quesadillas and tripe tacos.*

(*This is 100% bulls***)

William “The Refrigerator” Perry

Credit: Mike Powell/Staff/Getty Images

We can’t induct a class of blubberguts without including The Fridge. A Super Bowl Champion with the Chicago Bears in ’85, he rushed QBs like 12-year-old girls rush Bieber. Tipping the scales at a hefty 350, The Fridge became such a plump sensation they even modeled a G.I. Joe action figure after him, not to mention his appearance in “Wrestlemania 2.” Such a storied career deserves a place in FGHoF.

The McGuire Twins

Credit: Guinness World Records

You might not know these two beasts of cellulite, but the McGuire Twins currently hold the Guinness World Record for “Heaviest Twins.” That’s right–two Tubs of Lard for the price of one. 1,470 pounds of Twin-tits were immortalized by Guinness and are best known for a snapshot of the boys riding a pair of Honda motorcycles (no cycles were harmed in the shooting of that photo…as far as we know.) The fellas have sadly passed on to Hog Heaven, but have been forever immortalized in pop culture by “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.”
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