20 Hairy Celebrities Who Might Be Werewolves

Photo: vidiocy, MTV, supergroup

Season Two of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” premieres June 3 after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards when supernatural forces will cause Scott McCall to sprout fangs and wild hair growth as he battles in a war between hunters and werewolves. Watch the trailer here. The special effects team does an impressive job with the McCall’s (Tyler Posey) appearance but there’s a stable of actors, musicians and athletes who look like werewolves in their natural state. Check out the best of the hairy celebrities who might be beasts of the night. That, or in dire need of industrial razors.

Alec Baldwin’s nipples are in there somewhere

Photo: vidiocy

Nick Offerman and his soul/wolf patch

Photo: tvrage

Jon Hamm actually shaved on this morning

Photo: usatoday

Burt Reynolds blending in nicely with a bear

Photo: daren-criss

Gray wolf

Photo: Getty Images

Internet-famous gun wolf man boy

Photo: mbolty

Angry (Jack) Black wolf

Photo: contactmusic

James Harden’s beard is the sixth man

Photo: larrybrownsports

Of Wolf and Man, James Hetfield

Photo: supergroup

Jemaine Clement’s chest hair points toward the facial hair

Photo: malecelebsblog


Photo: blogspot

Matt Hughes’ hair grows freely in only place where there’s not a mass of muscle

Photo: malecelebsblog

Gillette spokesman Sir Roger Federer

Photo: malecelebsblog

Sam Elliott’s chest mat is second to only Alec Baldwin’s

Photo: malecelebsblog

“Kelly Clarkson!”

Photo: photobucket

Tom Selleck and the best ‘stache in Hollywood

Photo: pinstripemag

Tom Jones … … in a speedo

Photo: malecelebsblog

Kid Cudi howls to the Man on the Moon

Photo: manolomen

Will Forte expressing himself

Photo: malecelebsblog

Zach Galifianakis, a one-man wolf pack

Photo: imageshack

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