10 Photos Proving The Weeknd Hates His Face

Photo:Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The songbird of Drake‘s “OVOXO,” The Weeknd, is like a mythical creature in hip-hop. He released a few mixtapes, cancelled a bunch of public appearances, refuses to be interviewed–and as we’re about to show you–hate to show his face. It was a big mystery what this man even looked like until just a few months ago. There were always just shadows and pictures of models to represent him (check his mixtape covers). Now that he’s revealed himself at this year’s Coachella, along with one New York City date, we have an idea of what he looks like. Still, the way The Weeknd covers his face whenever a camera is around, you’d think he’s dodging a parole officer or an ex-wife wanting alimony. Or maybe he’s playing an extended game of hide ‘n seek? Whatever the reason, this man does not like revealing his face. Whether covering his mug with a cup, burying his head in a pillow or hiding behind a bunch of balloons, we’ve collected 10 photos below that prove The Weeknd hates his face.

Photo: Stupiddope

Photo: The Fader

Photo: Hypetrak

Photo: K1ngEljay

Photo: spacepack.ca

Photo: aux.tv

Photo: last.fm

Photo: deepgoa

Photo: stereogum

Photo: musicandmodeling

Photo: thisiswalder

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