Permanent Converse Kicks And 7 More Shoe Tattoos

Photo: collegehumor

You’re looking at the feet of a man who says he’ll never have to buy shoes again. That’s incorrect, unless he intends to walk around barefoot for the rest of his life. But we admire the spirit. Converse All-Stars will never go out of style. And if they do, this guy can cover up his foot tattoo kicks with… anything but Crocs. Check out some more people with permanent shoes and laces.

At least he’s not wearing socks with sandals

Photo: drnumb

Classic Air Jordans complement one stubby toe

Photo: theshoegame

And another Air Jordan laced up high

Photo: everytattoo

Another All Star for life

Photo: mrtop10


Photo: ratemyink

Lace ‘em up

Photo: twitgoo

And another Converse…this is a trend

Photo: cslacker

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