The Many Enraging Hairstyles Of Tom Brady

Tom Brady unveiled his latest frou frou hairstyle at the swanky Met Ball in New York City on Monday, and we just have so many questions. Why does he make this so easy for us? Does he know Boston fans think they live in a hardscrabble, no-frills town? Does his wife Gisele blame Tom or does she blame everyone around him when his sartorial choices spark a firestorm of venom from the commoners? What does David Beckham think? Do Brits go crazy every time Beckham unveils a new haircut the way we froth over Brady’s coif choices?

That’s a lot of hard hitting questions, but we don’t have as many questions as he’s had enraging hairdo’s over the years. So in the tradition of our “Many Distinct Faces Of” galleries, we’ve gathered our 12 favorite — if you can call them “favorite” — Tom Brady hairstyles in the handy chart above. Behold the evolution of a pretty boy.

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