LeBron James Hates Chris Bosh’s Baby

Getty Images

Chris Bosh had a baby. Well, his wife Adrienne Williams had the baby and because ladies are horrible with time, she decided to have it right before game three of the Miami Heat versus New York Knicks playoff series. Being a dutiful husband and father, Bosh chartered a plane from New York to Miami last night to see his newborn son, Jackson. Being a team player, Bosh told the Heat that he’s flying back today and expects to play, although he’s still listed as a game time decision.

The Heat players are relieved, but you would think they’d understand if he missed one game for his new son. Not LeBron James. As reported by ESPN.com, The King thinks game three is a perfect excuse to get the f*** away from all that family mess.

“This is a great way to get away from it, to come back here and play the game of basketball,” James said. “To get away from the kid and get away from everything that’s going on with that. I mean that’s what I did, I got away from my family and I was able to go play in the Finals. … I would bet he’d be here, this is a huge game.”

It’s fine to expect Bosh to return, but James doesn’t have to turn getting “away from the kid” into a positive. Just because he did it during the 2007 Finals isn’t a valid reason. Does he also want Bosh to choke? Because James did that too.

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