7 Funny Videos Of People Puking For Cinco De Mayo

Andrew Bret Wallis/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

Cinco de Mayo means “puking your brains out” in Spanish. Not really, but it’s something you will see dozens of people do this Saturday. There’s nothing more hilarious and disturbing than watching/listening to somebody empty their guts because they drank too much tequila. You want to look away, you want to plug your ears, but you can’t. You laugh as their bodies completely reject the mixture of punch and piñata candy they’ve decided to put in themselves. When you’re around someone who’s hurling hard, you only have one option: grab your camera and capture YouTube gold! OK, you actually have a few options… One of the better ones would probably be leaving that person to vomit in peace, but that’s not going to make a good story, or a good viral video.

Woman Wins Beer Chugging Contest After Ralphing

It doesn’t get good until about 45 seconds in, but this woman has the heart of a true champion.

Woman Barfs After Kegstand At Kentucky Derby

The vomit volume is weak, but she’s tiny so we’ll give her props.

Idiot Fails At Chugging Bottle Of Patron

The minute you hear him talk, you want him to fail…and that’s exactly what he does.

Beer Bong’s Revenge

About a minute in, this sturdy young man empties his guts, which were apparently full of Quaker Oats.

Pukes, Passes Out

Careful, bro! Don’t get any barf on your jeans, you’re going to have to return them to your little sister on Monday.

Getting The Devil Out

This is a Seis de Mayo celebration tradition. Very early on the the morning after Cinco de Mayo, young men and women all over the world wake up, vomit and pray to St. Gatorade, the patron saint of hangovers.

Fart And Puke = Internet Gold

We’ve never claimed to be a classy bunch here at MTV Clutch, which is why we have no qualms about posting this video.

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