5 Awesome Movie Cameos Metal Gods

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Society at large generally gives metal musicians a bad rap. People typically think they’re psychologically disturbed, ghastly creatures who run on a steady diet of leather, horror flicks and “World of Warcraft.” And while that may be true of some (looking at you, black metal), not all of them are one-dimensional, head-banging lunatics who just want to unsettle you, make your ears bleed, and then sacrifice a baby lamb to the Prince of Darkness after the show. Nay, in fact, most are just normal, all-around cool dudes who want to make skull-rattling music and do the occasional movie cameo.

Movie cameos can be extraordinarily effective when it comes to humanizing metal musicians, as audiences get to see that they’re not just spawns of Satan who have emerged from the bowels of hell to frighten children and make old people nervous. Furthermore, cameos also often reveal that many metal musicians are just genuine performers with real, and sometimes profound, creative and artistic sensibilities. As proof, we submit to you these five awesome metal movie cameos.

5. Lars Ulrich in ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Lars Ulrich negatively asserted himself into pop culture by leading Metallica‘s charge against Napster back in 2000. And perhaps feeling a little guilty over the whole saga, he offers himself up to the world here and gets told off by Aldous Snow. Mankind applauds.

Watch the clip here

4. Twisted Sister in ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’

Twisted Sister would go on to be one of the most pop culturally visible metal bands of all time, and it all started here. Invitingly bizarre metal group, meet invitingly bizarre surreal humor film.

Watch the clip here

3. Chester Bennington in ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’

Linkin Park‘s lead singer Chester Bennington also appears in the first “Crank” movie, but this cameo is better. Before these Jason Statham flicks, we were convinced Bennington was only capable of screaming generic lyrics about emotional angst.

Watch the clip here

2. Lemmy Kilmister in ‘Airheads’

It’s funny to think about Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, one of metal’s biggest salty icons, doing anything for a stiff social institution besides leading its hell-raising rebellious contingent.

Watch the clip here

1. Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Trick or Treat’

Ironically, Ozzy Osbourne plays the Reverend Aaron Gilstrom, who appears on a talk show to lambaste the vulgarity and wickedness of rock and metal music.

Watch the clip here

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