11 Mugshots Featuring Ill-Advised Forehead Tattoos


Credit: The Smoking Gun

We know, “ill-advised forehead tattoo” is redundant. But cut us some slack, we’re just so frazzled right now. First we find out Obi-Wan Kenobi got arrested, then we find out God Himself Herself was pinched by the cops, as you can see above. According to The Smoking Gun, God (nee Jamie Calloway) was arrested on stalking charges. (Turns out God’s second coming involves a female corrections officer She fell for during Her prior stint in jail.)

Calloway’s forehead tattoo is patently ridiculous, yes. But you have to admire her commitment to the grand crime tradition, something dating all the way back to “think ink” enthusiast Charles Manson and his swastika tat. Since it’s best to avoid anyone with a forehead tattoo in real life — it’s the craziest thing, but turns out many people who have them are insane criminals — we’re giving you 10 other mugshots featuring forehead tattoos that you can laugh and puzzle over from the safety of your own home.

All photos were found on The Smoking Gun’s incredible archive of forehead-tattoo mugshots, unless otherwise noted.

God loves you. This guy knows because he was booked right after Her.

Simple, direct, understated. Any ad agencies looking for some new creatives?

OK now this is dedication to advertising. We bet nobody’s more anxious about the survival of terrestrial radio than this guy.

Credit: Huffington Post

A member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club grows up.

Reject. Shyeah, from the SHAVING STORE! And society in general, probably.

Credit: Huffington Post

Straight nightmare fuel. He looks like a real-life GTA villain.

In a few more years, this will be the only proof that the Larry The Cable Guy era ever happened. Fitting.

Oooooh no, sir, we’re not falling for this one. NO. COMMENT.

Clue: it doesn’t say “FISH YOU.”

Wait, I don’t remember the “Lick Me” vagrant from Alice in Wonderland.

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