15 Messy Food Fight GIFs

The only acceptable place to start this gallery is at the Blut0-led cafeteria food fight in “Animal House.” We dig the formal announcement and 100-percent participation from the crowd. We also believe that the last time you were in a food fight isn’t recent enough. There’s just something refreshing about smashing a person with something edible. Check out these great 15 GIFs of food fights to be inspired for your upcoming edible battles.

Epic food fight

Respect the aggressiveness of the blonde

Cat and dog tussle over food, cat acts like a prick

Puck and Quinn go at it

Girl food fight

Imagined ’70s food fight

Gleeful food fight

That the best you’ve got?

Ronald McDonald goes rogue, instigates fight

Interspecies food battle, Part II

The King of Pop … and food fights

Some food aggression in a kitchen followed by an actual fight

Ron Swanson, bless his soul

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