Lou Ferrigno Explains Sex Amongst ‘WoW’ Players [Video]

Photo: Online Schools

Lou Ferrigno, “World of Warcraft” and OnlineSchools.org teamed up to create a video about relationships that may or may not be sexually suggestive, depending how you interpret the Incredible Hulk holding a pug warmly against his chest while feeding a stuffed deer that rocks back and forth, all while discussing sex amongst “World of Warcraft” players.

“A survey of ‘World of Warcraft’ players found that 74 percent are dating other gamers,” Ferrigno says. “Meanwhile, 43 percent of non-gamers are still single.”

The video is apparently part of a series dubbed “The More You FerrigKnow.” Great play on words and so incredibly random. We love the video, but they’re setting the bar for absurdity pretty high already. By the end of this series we might see Lou Ferrigno in Vegas with a harem of prostitutes, a machete and a face full of white powder telling us about contraception.



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