Infographic: The Official Hipster Survival Guide To NYC

Life in New York City ain’t easy for a pimp…or anyone else, especially privileged 20-somethings who went to art school. The gritty streets of Williamsburg and Bushwick are stained with hipster blood. You can do it though. You can slog it out in your crummy apartment, sleeping two to a room until your art gallery/performance space/artisan cupcake shop takes off. You can smugly grin and bear it until someone finally discovers your Tumblr. Oh yes, you’ll eventually live the dream in one of the most amazing cities on earth, but you’re going to have to know how to survive. The skills you developed in art school aren’t going to help you very much. Don’t bring a paintbrush to a gunfight, as they say. Lucky for you, our friend GustoNYC designed this easy-to-follow infographic on the rules of survival for a hipster.

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