Drapht’s Clutch Commandments From Watching TV

Credit: Simon Pynt

Iggy Azalea isn’t the only Aussie out there making waves in hip-hop. Rapper/Singer extraordinaire Drapht hails from the West Coast (of Australia that is) and will be making his big U.S. debut with the release of his album Life Of Riley on May 8. Drapht already has his homeland in his pocket (Life of Riley is Certified Gold) and he’s heading out here to do the same.

Drapht is known to drop some great pop culture references in his lyrics–like in his latest music video “Sing It (The Life Of Riley)“–so it’s appropriate that he used TV as a reference when we asked for his Clutch Commandments. From “The Sopranos” to “Breaking Bad” and “The Wire,” Drapht broke down the 10 commandments he’s gleaned from watching great TV series.

1. Love Thy Family–‘The Sopranos’

“The whole ‘Sopranos’ from start to finish has taught me: protect, accept and deal with your family for who they are. You can do no wrong and you’ll have what seems to be a never ending life span if you have the love from a strong family group. From Tony himself: ‘Listen to me, the only reason I did this is because you’re my nephew, and I love you. If it were anybody else, they would’ve gotten that intervention through the back of their f***ing head.'”

2. Importance of Thy Chosen Profession–‘The Wire’

“Everyone needs to work. Being spoon-fed and taking the easy route is a cushy road to a hole in the head. Know what you like and dislike, know thyself and believe in thyself, then only you will you find thy right path. You don’t need to work for the man, or just to look forward to a two day weekend. Working a job you hate only leads to a damaged soul and a debilitating mental and physiological state, entering the zombie realm. Nice little segue to my next commandment.”

3. Thy is What Thy Eat–‘The Walking Dead’

“Food is a big one for me. You could say I’m fairly holistic-minded when it comes to food. I’m a big Edgar Cayce nut and wholeheartedly believe in: “What we think and what we eat makes us what we are.” But most of all, don’t eat when you’re angry, tired or stressed. These Zombies are a good example of what happens if you do…. And f*** sugar!”

4. Thy Alcohol is Thy Enemy–‘Boardwalk Empire’

“I learned from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ that a life filled with alcohol is a life filled with unwanted drama. I gave up booze a year back when I begun the revolutionary “F*** Sugar” phase in my life, and really haven’t looked back with the slightest bit of need since. To each their own, but personally I used to binge drink A LOT, now I wake up in the morning with no night after regret from the terrible s*** I would say to all the poor innocent ladies out there, and with no text messages to remind me who I wasn’t.”

5. Appreciate And Learn From Thy Past–‘Game of Thrones’

“Fight for what you believe in, but most of all appreciate what you have been through in the past, and the mistakes others have made to make your life journey easier. If you act like Joffrey, death is imminent.”

6. Know Thy Drugs and Thy Dealer–‘Breaking Bad’

“‘Breaking Bad’ and Gus especially has taught me: the medicinal game is run by the ruthless and heartless. Also taught me, drug companies are a business to make profit, not to serve the people. 80% of local doctors are the propaganda peddling machines, f***ing the common folk with scripts of antibiotics, steroids and countless other forms of downwards spiraling treatments. Drugs are baaaaaad. Believer of within nature itself find the answers to healing.”

7. Sex On Thy Daily–‘Eastbound and Down’

“I have discovered through the teachings of Sir Kenny Powers, that exercise and sex play a huge roll in any champions daily health and mental plan. I suppose Tiger Woods could also be a cross reference to this subject too. Needless to say both release endorphins, release toxins, feed the soul, body and mind. It’s all about the sexercise.”

8. Thou Shall Take Thy Holiday–‘Homeland’

“Sgt. Brody taught me everyone needs a holiday. It can introduce us to different cultures and different influences. Brodie came back a little high strung and because of that resorted to wanting to blow people up. This is why you have to leave your work behind and learn how to unwind without a bomb and timer strapped to your chest.”

9. Thou Shall Laugh–‘Sons of Anarchy’

“The third season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ taught me, no matter how bad the script gets, laughter therapy is the remedy that fixes all.”

10. Know Thy Company Thy Keep–‘Entourage’

“To be successful you need to surround thyself with people that believe in thy movement. Strong believer of you become like the attitudes you surround thyself with. With the exception of Johnny Drama, but he was family, so that falls under ‘Love Thy Family.'”

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