Today’s Dumbass: Lessons In Gun And Cell Phone Safety [Video]

We’ve got a double dose of dumbass for you today. First…how’d that rhyme go? “Step on a crack, fall 18 feet and break your femurs and back?” Gawker points us to a woman in China who lived out everyone’s “walking over sidewalk grates” nightmare: she was just strolling along, talking on her phone, when a portal to another dimension opened up beneath her, causing her to plummet 6 meters (whatever those are) before a nearby cab driver helped her. It’s like something out of an old platforming video game, take a look.

We’re sure the girl is embarrassed, but she’s in good company, this sort of thing happens all the time.

Next up, a Virginia man in a gun safety class (I think you know where this is going) accidentally shot himself and his wife (he claims that second part was an accident, too). Don’t worry, they were both treated for non-serious injuries, so we can make fun of them.

Apparently it happened when the instructor left the room. Uh, maybe the instructor is the dumbass here? Did he not remember in school when the teacher would leave the room, how all hell breaks loose? That was just with Bunsen burners, what did he think would happen with things that are made with the explicit purpose of maiming people?

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