Today’s Dumbass: Man Busted For Selling Weed To His Former Parole Officer

Credit: Florence County Detention Center Photo

Short list of people it’s unwise to make customers for a marijuana sale, but at face value not totally moronic: some guy at the deli, a fellow concert-goer, a store clerk, the mailman, a classmate, a car salesman, even the building superintendent. Twenty-seven-year-old Cedrick Barnes of Florence, South Carolina, was arrested ON 4/20 after reportedly scrolling through his cell phone in search of someone for a sale when he arranged a transaction with his former parole officer. The parole officer called the local police department to complete the deal, and authorities (or possible clients) later recovered half a pound of pot from Barnes.

Did Barnes not know he was talking to his former probation officer? Did it not occur to him that he was making a truly horrific decision? We don’t know for sure. A very quick review of Barnes’ image tells us that he’s probably high on something, maybe life, so we’re going to guess that he didn’t realize he set up a deal with not only the wrong person, but pretty much the last person next to a uniformed police officer. You are Today’s Dumbass, sir, perhaps the most deserving of 2012. We’re not mad, just disappointed, and kind of shocked.

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