X-Ray Vision Is Finally Happening!

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After years of dragging their feet and dilly-dallying with nonsense like “green energy” and “4G networking” and “curing AIDS,” science has FINALLY developed the X-ray vision that we’ve been promised since like 1940s Superman comics. According to the Daily Mail, a new chip could allow cameras to see through walls, wood, plastic and…fabric.

Sure, the technology is being touted as a way to look inside the body without the radioactive damage of X-rays, or to detect counterfeit money, or (our personal favorite) to find “studs in the walls.” Shyeah, more like “babes” BEHIND the walls, am I right? High fives!

Since the chip is small enough to fit into consumer devices, the inventors are trying to limit its range to just four inches. But, c’mon, some horny nerd out there will mod that s*** and soon enough we’ll all be watching each other dump out or get undressed on the reg. It’s a brave, horny, voyeuristic, pervy new world. And we’re already walking around pants-less in anticipation. YOU’RE WELCOME, X-ray chip users.

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