The Internet Is Dumbing Us Down [Infographic]

You would think with the world at our fingertips we’d be smarter than ever, right?  Wrong. Over the past few years, the internet has become somewhat of a “necessity” for most of us. If you have a question about anything at all–Google has the answer. Some of us turn to Google for even the simplest of questions and sometimes the query suggestions you get in autocomplete make you wonder if there is still some sanity in the world. We usually have more than one tab open when we browse, maybe another window with some program open. We feel more productive, but this infographic from Forensic Psychology shows how the internet slows down our thinking and makes us more depressed. Kind of a bummer, right? Especially since we’re a website on the internet and all. Check out more of what it does below.

Created by: Forensic Psychology

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