Bush Gets Custom Snowboard With Hidden Compartment [Video]

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s is about to get a total nostalgiarection: below is a video featuring snowboarding, Bush‘s Gavin Rossdale and former MTV VJ Kennedy. So what could bring these three rad things together?

Bush partnered up with Signal Snowboards to make a custom board for one lucky Bush fan. Rossdale wanted the board to be rideable first, with design secondary. But here’s the crazy part: he also wanted a hidden compartment in the core where you could keep a phone, keys, money or whatever else you didn’t want getting smashed or jamming into your legs when you crash (which you will).

So watch Signal’s step-by-step process for making the board (kind of amazing to see if you’re not some kind of snowboard know-it-all) and the run testing to make sure the component is secure, as well as Kennedy unveiling the board to Rossdale.

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