12 Perverted Animals Sexually Harassing Humans

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MTV Clutch has covered various forms of outlandish animal behavior–everything from pets picking brackets to dogs trying to walk like us–so it’s time we shed light on animals sexually harassing humans. The history of animals being di*** is well-documented around these parts (it’s kind of our forte…that and boobs). But a new chapter was written last week when a feisty penguin gave Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich a love bite on a campaign stop at the St. Louis Zoo. Most news sources didn’t report this as the penguin sexually harassing Gingrich. However, us animal experts know these birds nip their mates all the time (as do many politicians).

Most animal badasses aren’t as intellectual as this politically savvy penguin and just try get their share of the strange by a grope, a sniff or the ol’ jump-and-hump. Here are 12 perverted animals caught in the act. They need to be savvier, like the penguin, and not act out while the cameras are rolling–otherwise they’ll never have political careers.

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Credit: icufunny.blogspot.com

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