‘Caged”s Matt Danger Plays MMA Zombie For Dustin Poirier

MTV viewers know Matt “Danger” as the overly humble, naturally gifted fighter from “Caged.” Now he’s taken on a new role as a zombie in a promo for Dustin Poirier‘s upcoming UFC on Fuel TV match against the ruthless “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung.

After watching the new MMA documentary “Fightville” and chatting with the director, it’s clear that the subject (and subsequent UFC breakout star) Dustin Poirier is a special talent. But on May 15, the Korean Zomibe will be his biggest challenge yet. So leading up to the fight, Poirier is doing what any star fighter does–immersing himself in the enemy’s techniques. Which, this time, just happens to mean battling a horde of zombies (hey, there’s a reason his trainer’s name is “Crazy” Tim Credeur). But these aren’t your lumbering “Walking Dead” zombies. These are MMA zombies, like Danger. See if you can spot the undead “Caged” fighter below, and catch “Fightville” in New York and Los Angeles theaters, as well as on iTunes, VOD and Digital Download starting this Friday.

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