Clutch Cuts: ‘I Got Bronchitis’ Music Video, And More

Credit: COED

Clutch Cuts is our morning edition of the best of the web, a diversion from work or something to get you through those hazy minutes between waking up and actually doing something productive. You’ll find viral videos, sports, music, ladies, weirdness and miscellaneous nonsense.

Above: A lovely member of the LA Kings Ice Crew, part of COED’s Ice Girls of the 2012 Stanley Cup quarterfinals.

“I Got Bronchitis” (music video) feat. Sweet Brown

The 2012 version of Antoine Dodson, with a little more Jesus influence. (BuzzFeed)

Mets Seasonal Affective Disorder

That 4-0 start? Yeah. Get your prescription now, Mets fans. (Daily What)

6 of the Whitest Songs Ever

This would only be better if there were reaction videos. (Holy Taco)

Credit: Holy Taco

Navy Football Players Had a Dance Party

Offensive linemen don’t always dance, but when they do… (TBL)

10 Dumbest Things About Bodybuilding

A paint roller. This man is getting bronzed with a paint roller. (TruTV)

Credit: Reuters/Landov

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