Obama Has 99 Problems But Jay-Z Ain’t One (Kanye Is)

Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Whether or not you like Barack Obama as a president, you have to respect the man for making the hard decisions. When most politicians are asked to choose between two popular things, they skirt the question by discussing the pros and cons of both without really choosing one side. That way they don’t piss any voters off.

Obama don’t care. Asked about his favorite character from “The Wire,” he definitively said Omar Little. He didn’t worry about offending the Jimmy McNulty lovers or losing votes from the Avon Barksdale backers. Now, David Samuels of The Atlantic has just asked Mr. President our generation’s version of the “John Lennon or Paul McCartney” question, “Kanye or Jay-Z?”

Without hesitation, Obama goes against his Chicago roots and picks Hova over Yeezy. The former drug dealer over the college dropout. Boom goes the dynamite! Well, it’s not really that much of a surprise considering the president once called Kanye “a jackass.” In the same interview he admits that while West is very talented, he’s still a jackass. The man doesn’t flip-flop on his hip-hop.

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