Clutch Cuts: China Really Loves Stephon Marbury, And More

Credit: Elle

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Above: Rihanna covers Elle magazine’s May issue.

Stephon Marbury gets a statue in China

The reviled former New York Knick led the Beijing Ducks to a Chinese Basketball Association championship. Moral of the story is, if you try and fail, go dominate a league with inferior players and then get a statue.  (Yahoo!)


“Don’t Stop Believing” sung by the movies

As a whole, it’s better than some karaoke we’ve heard.

Drake’s re-Bar Mitzvah

Rembert Browne explores Drake‘s HYFR (Hell Ya, F***ing Right) video and the 25-year-old’s rebirth. (Grantland)

Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Kindergartner brings his stepfather’s heroin to school for show and tell

The stepfather is grounded. (Reuters)

Credit: Lehigh Valley Live

11 Musicians who overcame disabilities

We respectfully submit musical savant Derek Paravicini as number 12. (Mental Floss)

Credit: Amazon

Just because


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