Clutch Cuts: Casey Neistat Makes It Count, And More

Credit: Vimeo/Stab Magazine

Clutch Cuts is our morning edition of the best of the web, a diversion from work or something to get you through those hazy minutes between waking up and actually doing something productive. You’ll find viral videos, sports, music, ladies, weirdness and miscellaneous nonsense.

Above: Surfer/model Erica Hosseini during her photo shoot with Stab Magazine. (GrindTV)

Nike asked Casey Neistat to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount

Watch him blow the budget in 10 days. That counts as making it count, no? (VVV)

Man on NYC subway breaks up a fight while having a snack

His name is Snackman. And you’d better respect. (Reddit)

30 video game characters who’d suck at other games

You’d think he’d attempt to climb the palm tree, but no. (Cracked)

Credit: Cracked

Draw NYC

Artist Randeep Katari drops cartoon characters into NYC scenes to get the art juices flowing. (THD)

Credit: Randeep Katari/Draw NYC

20 scariest celebrity close-ups

This won’t be a pleasant experience but we urge you to look anyway. (Oddee)

Credit: Oddee

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