5 ‘Friday’ GIFs For Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. That means GIFs from the movie “Friday” are in order, because it’s really good, hence Good Friday. For those who grew up outside of the church, Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. Kind of a bummer, we know, but don’t worry, he made a spectacular comeback on Easter Sunday.

Obviously, “Friday”  has nothing to do with the holiday, but who cares? This movie completely changed the landscape in 1995. Written by two rappers, Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, and directed by music video director F. Gary Gray, it came out of nowhere and made white suburban teenagers everywhere believe South Central L.A. is a hilarious place to live. John Witherspoon (pictured above) nails the role of Craig’s dad and Chris Tucker‘s portrayal of Smokey turned him (briefly) into the hottest comedy star around. Plus, if it hadn’t been for “Friday,” Ice Cube might still be a terrifying rapper instead of a soft and cuddly step-dad.

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