Clutch Cuts: Bill Murray Runs The Bases, And Links

Credit: Esquire

Clutch Cuts is our morning edition of the best of the web, a diversion from work or something to get you through those hazy minutes between waking up and actually doing something productive. You’ll find viral videos, sports, music, ladies, weirdness and miscellaneous nonsense.

Above: Sara Jean Underwood, voted Esquire’s hottest woman of 2012. (Esquire)

Bill Murray wins MLB opening day

Throws out the first pitch like a champ, by running the bases first.

Credit: MLB

Tea Party in super slow motion

Looks around for pretty things to destroy. (Awesomer)

Snoop Dogg’s new songbook can be smoked (literally)

Marketing done right. (BuzzFeed)

Credit: BuzzFeed

Donald Glover’s Guide To Acting, Hip-Hop And Stand-Up Stardom In Your 20s

“The whole thing should be rather easy to duplicate, assuming you’re an uber-talented black nerd with writing skills, comedy chops, screen presence and some serious flow.” Got it, right? (Uproxx)

Credit: Getty Images

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