Clutch Cuts: Blake Griffin Posterizes Pau Gasol Twice, And More


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Above: Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce in a SWF-ish gallery for Playboy. (Cage Potato)

Blake Griffin is Paul Gasol’s Daddy Parts I & II

Here’s Griffin’s first slam over Gasol from last night and the second is below.

Emma Stone does dance dares on “Ellen”

It’s a bit of “Elaine’s dance” but hey, she did it without music. (Tastefully Offensive)

The Public And Yeezy Have Spoken, Kris Humphries Sucks

According to a new poll, former Mr. Kardashian is the most disliked NBA player. Kanye West even dropped a track about it. (IFWT)

Credit: Dave Bennett/Getty Images

Which Baseball Team Has The Cutest Puppy Fan?

Opening Day + puppies = win. (BuzzFeed)

Credit: istolethetv/Flickr

Cheddar Cheese to Lyme Disease: 26 Things Named After Places

Oh, Cheddar. I will eat a block of you. (Mental Floss)

Credit: Mental Floss

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