The Check-In: Nothing Curren$y Can’t Do [Video]

Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Prolific New Orleans rapper and noted herb enthusiast Curren$y took a break from recording a thousand mixtapes to check in with The Check-In for some high  jinks (emphasis not ours). We’re willing to bet hosts Jeff and Eric Rosenthal are the first to ask Curren$y about his stance on global warming (he’d run for the Green Party, natch). By the way, his climate change solution involves ceiling fans and grilled cheeses, so get on that, Mr. Gore.

But Curren$y’s not just taking a stand against global warming. He’s also vehemently opposed to using Visine, and trust us, his reasoning sort of makes sense. The quick-witted MC even agreed to do some improv comedy (and called out Jeff on screwing up the premise). Looks like someone wants a piece of Carrie Brownstein‘s music-sketch turf. So yeah, basically, there’s nothing this guy can’t do (except give up his Roc-A-Fella chain).

Remember to pick up Curren$y’s upcoming album The Stoned Immaculate when it drops on June 5.

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