Today’s Dumbass: Man Pees On Female Coworkers’ Chairs

There are certain accepted standards of etiquette in the workplace; unwritten rules of occupational culture. Refill the water tank if you’re the last to use it. Don’t steal people’s string cheese from the fridge. And perhaps the most important one, don’t urinate on your coworkers’ chairs in secret like some pervy human dog marking his territory. The other Golden Rule.

Raymond Foley, an IT guy in Iowa, is accused of doing just that. According to Huffington Post, Foley looked through his company’s employee bios to find attractive females. During the weekends while everyone was gone, he’d piss on their chairs. Several women reported mysterious stains on their chairs, so the company set up hidden cameras and allegedly caught Foley in the act. The sad thing is, everyone involved was probably relieved the stains were of the urine variety and not a certain other bodily fluid.

IT guys are complex beasts. Get on their bad side, they’ll give your computer AIDS. Get on their good side, they’ll claim you with urine. Stupid technology.

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