Today’s Badass: 12-Year-Old Lands Skateboarding’s First 1080

Credit: RedBullUSA

Not Shaun White, not Tony Hawk. Last week skating phenom Tom Schaar  became the first skateboarder to land a clean 1080. And he’s 12. I guess this means in about five years we’ll all be playing “Tom Schaar’s Pro Shredder” on Playstation 4.

Dude’s balls haven’t even dropped–yet he’s dropping in on the mega pipe and making skateboarding history. To give you some perspective: Schaar wasn’t even a functioning cognitive being when Tony Hawk became the first to land a 900 back in ’99. It took Hawk 11 tries to land the 2.5 revolutions; wunderkind Schaar needed just five attempts to land his three revolutions.

Is it just us, or DAMMIT are athletes getting better and better even younger? Who says kids these days are locked in their basements under the glow of tablets and game consoles? Pretty soon there will be no-shave pro leagues, and they will be the premiere ones. Scary. Anyway, bow down to our new skateboarding overlord, and check out the amazing video, via GrindTV.

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