MTV Spring Break: Jonna And Emilee Discuss Life After ‘Real World: Cancun’

Photos: Rene Cervantes/MTV

MTV Spring Break” brings out a who’s who from “Real World” past and present. Some are just out to soak in some sun rays and party while others actually do some work (and then party). When we spotted “Real World: Cancun” alums Emilee and Jonna volunteering their time to assist with some of the spring break activities, we couldn’t help but run up on them to see how life has been treating the pretty young things. It’s been three years since their wild romp in Mexico and we caught up with the girls inside a pimped out cabana to get the goods on creepy Canadians, what life is like now and which “Real World” cast would they have liked to join.

What’s your strangest interaction with a fan?

Emilee: I actually used to work at Hooters and guys would come in just wanting a picture of me in my Hooters uniform. Those are the creepy creepers. Actually, they are pretty annoying. But in Canada I had some girl get me  and pull me off a stage because she was at the end of the stage crying for me.

Jonna: She was yelling and carrying on. It was so f***ing weird.

What was yours Jonna?

J: I’ve had some weird creepers. Besides that girl crying and screaming in Canada? You kind of get used to weird things happening. I’m always drunk when weird things start happening…

J: We were in Canada and those situations were weird. They have the craziest people ever.

E: Basically we think Canadians are weird.

What do you guys have against Canada?

J: Nothing! It’s just different over there. People are pretty used to “Real World” in the States but it’s brand-new in Canada so it’s a way bigger deal. Kind of like how “Jersey Shore” is a big deal here.

If you had the chance to join another “Real World,” which cast would it be?

J: I would join “Real World: Las Vegas.” Actually, I was working at the Hard Rock Hotel when they were filming out here. They came to a few pool parties while I was working as a cocktail waitress. That season looked like it was fun.

E: Maybe New Orleans. I want to build my own dream cast. That would be fun!

Would you prefer doing “The Challenge” or “Real World?”

J: “The Challenge,” even though everyone is competing for the same thing and everyone is talking behind each others’ backs. That part of it sucks. But I like the shorter filming, the cool locations and having challenges to do.

E: I like “The Challenge.” Obviously the money is great even though I don’t care that much about it. I liked the competition. At the end of “Cutthroat,” I was so fired up because I did something that nobody else really gets to do. It was awesome.

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