Guy Code’s Bracket Of Wisdom: Winner Is Getting Freaky

The results for our “Guy Code” Season 1 Bracket of Wisdom are in! Melanie Iglesias‘s Getting Freaky has beat out The Crew’s Julian McCullough with 69% of the vote (seriously, that’s the real percentage). She’s taking home the big prize, or trophy, or whatever we’ve got lying around the office. We’ll give it to her to commemorate this incredible triumph. In a field rich with wisdom, the winning nugget was offered by a hot chick, which is essentially the only way useful advice effectively works on a man. So maybe this result shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

What was Ms. Iglesias’s winning bit of knowledge? It was this:

“You know you’ve gone too far when your partner just stops having sex with you.”

Well put, Melanie, well put. If that sort of blabber came out of a man’s mouth, all we’d hear is a droning hum while we scanned the horizon for something more interesting. Watch Guy Code on MTV2 for more words to live by (sometimes delivered by hot girls). Also, check back with Clutch later this week–we’ll have an exclusive clip from the upcoming special “Guy Code Spring Break Survival Guide” airing April 10 at 11 p.m. on MTV2.

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