Clutch Cuts: Florence And The Machine On ‘Unplugged’, And More

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Above: Stacy Keibler posing in lingerie in 2008, before she was possible Mrs. Clooney. (Egotastic!)

If you haven’t heard, new installments “Unplugged” are on the way, beginning April 9 with Florence and the Machine

Here’s some of our favorite hip-hop moments on “Unplugged.”

Alabama running back Trent Richardson wrecked a coach during a pro day drill

Why yes, I would like to take a seat, Mr. Richardson. (SB Nation)

20 Supporting Characters From ’90s TV Shows Then And Now

Pretty much exactly what you’d expect of Minkus. (BuzzFeed)

Credit: BuzzFeed

Cats on treadmills

Told you were we going to start posting awesome pet videos regularly. (Tastefully Offensive)

Record $540 million (and growing) Mega Millions jackpot sets off ticket-buying frenzy

These ladies are celebrating just BUYING A TICKET for Friday’s epic drawing. (USA Today)

Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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