6 Videos Of Parents Pranking Their Children

We held an MTV Clutch meeting to brainstorm positive reasons to have children. Here is what we came up with: women like them, it’s easy to scare the crap out of them and even easier to prank them. It’s hilarious to watch a kid freak out. Mostly because you know they’ll never completely recover from it. You undoubtedly recall the first time your dad jumped out of the closet wearing bloody overalls and a werewolf mask. No? Just us? Fine. The point is, it’s extra funny to watch a kid get scared, because you know not only are you surprising him, but you’re making them mature rapidly in the worst way possible, short of telling him a family pet died.

Since April Fools’ Day is this weekend, we decided to inspire our readers with children. We found six hilarious videos of parents pranking their kids. Some may call them “immature” or “horrible” parental figures. We wish we could call them “friends,” just so we could spend all weekend at their house frightening their kids.

This mom tells her kids she ate all of their Halloween candy and she thinks it’s HILARIOUS! Joke’s on you mom, they grow up to be heroin addicts!

Classic. The poor chubby kid probably gets bullied at school, but he endures it, because he knows the warm glow of his computer screen awaits him at home. That was the case, right up until his parents got bored and thought this would be hilarious. Which it sort of is…

Ha! There’s no ACTUAL present inside the box. It’s “love,” which isn’t an actual present. FYI, this is how you get your daughter to consistently date men you dislike, just to spite you. Those teenage years should be fun.

These kids stayed up late to watch a horror flick, so naturally, their parents woke them up with a chainsaw.

Hey Tiny Tim! All of our problems are over, best Christmas ever! Wait, never mind. It was just a bad joke.

This is the best way to get your kid to do everything you don’t want him to do, for the rest of his life.

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