7 Funny Videos Of Guys Pranking Hot Girlfriends

At MTV Clutch, we know women (they’re forced to talk to us every day at work). One thing we’re definitely sure of is girlfriends love getting presents on holidays. So, what should you get your lady for April Fools’ Day this weekend?  A video of her being pranked. Not only is it a great move for your relationship, it’s also hilarious. Watching a proper young lady take a sack of flour to the face is far more funny than seeing your roommate do it. It’s good to do gentlemanly, chivalrous things like buy flowers for no reason or hold doors open, but it’s better to throw her a curveball every once in a while. It’ll keep her on her toes, and effectively keep the relationship a little more lively. Sure, she may scream at you, call you names and run off with some “nice guy,” but she’ll appreciate it in hindsight, once the video of her looking stupid has a million views on YouTube.

Check out these seven clips we dug up, which might not directly prove our point, but trust us, shortly after these sexy girls were done crying and slapping their boyfriends, they definitely wanted to make out with them. HIGH FIVE!

This guy puts a mannequin head in bed with his girlfriend, then wakes her up. She gets pretty mad, but calms down quickly. Probably because she’s sleeping with someone else when he’s not in town. Girl pranks are so much meaner!

Shelly’s on her way to work at Hooters when BAM! She runs into Saran Wrap.

This is what “terror” sounds like in Icelandic!

If you’re into punk rock chicks, you can find a new girlfriend with purple hair. But it might just easier to trick your current girlfriend into dying her hair.

This hot girl gets so scared, she starts screaming like a man.

This guy pulls the ‘ol “baby powder in the hair dryer” prank on his roommate. Who probably then became his girlfriend. Because girls like guys who act like their big brothers.

The “ghost chili on the hot chick’s pizza” gag! CLASSIC prank with minimal health risk!

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