Rubbernecker: Cop Doesn’t Know How To Park Car

Comedian Tom Sibley created the popular blog Subway Douchery, which makes fun of subway dimwits. Now he lives in subway-deficient Los Angeles and must mock people on the roads as Rubbernecker.

To protect and to serve…and to park as we please! I’ll be the first to admit that the authorities have earned the right to park in places that us civilians aren’t allowed. It’s essential to the execution of their job. To stop them from parking wherever they please would put innocent lives at risk. Have I laid it on thick enough? I think so. All that being said, parking like this in front of a 7-Eleven is just a slap in all our law-abiding faces. We all try to properly stuff ourselves into these tiny spaces out of respect to humanity, but then this po-po pops in and does whatever he wants because his shotgun is mounted on the dash.

I happened to be inside this 7-Eleven purchasing the essentials, (milk, eggs, Spicy Nacho Doritos) when the officer entered. He was the kind of cop that is always filming his own personal sequel to “Training Day” in his imagination. Let’s just say his sunglasses never came off and he walked into the employees-only bathroom like he owned the place. Or at least like someone that was no stranger to their toilet. I felt as if he was going to write me a ticket for my Doritos exceeding the state of California’s “Spicy Limit.” All this being said, I got  in my car, put on the “Drive” soundtrack and pretended to be Ryan Gosling for the next couple hours whilst eating my Doritos. So who am I to complain?

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