Clutch Cuts: Ron Burgundy Is Back For Real, And More

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Above: Victoria’s Secret model Emanuela de Paula would like to show you some beach styles. (Guyism)

Ron Burgundy appeared on “Conan” last night to announce “Anchorman 2″

He even played a number on his sissy jazz flute. Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell will be back. It’s about damn time. (Deadline)

The Faces of “Punk’d”

Oh, Brandy. The brand new season begins tonight at 10/9 central. (BuzzFeed)

Barack Obama is sexy and he knows it

Apparently the President has a passion in his pants and he ain’t afraid to show it.  You hear that, other world leaders? (Tosh.0)

23 unseen backstories of classic video games

All they wanted to do was construct a perfectly symmetrical sand castle. (Cracked)

Credit: Cracked

People with terribly tattooed eyebrows

Some people get black eyes before heading to prison. (Fork Party)

Credit: Fork Party

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