Clutch Cuts: It’s On Like Drunk Donkey Kong, And More

Credit: bobdob

Clutch Cuts is our morning edition of the best of the web, a diversion from work or something to get you through those hazy minutes between waking up and actually doing something productive. You’ll find viral videos, sports, music, ladies, weirdness and miscellaneous nonsense.

Above: Super Mario Bros. Re-Imagined In 100 Images. Donkey Kong is a great drinking buddy until he gets beer muscles. (BuzzFeed)

MMA fighter and Iraq War vet foils robbery with rear naked choke

Vicariously fulfill all your “I would totally take down that lunatic robber” fantasies. (Cage Potato)

Funny photos of people taking photos

Looks like those extra squat reps are paying off. (Chive)

Credit: Chive

What a deal!

When you have a huge mess on your hands, call the people at Cleveland Steamer! (Daily What)

Credit: LivingSocial

Who can resist the penguin webcam?

Come on. You know you can’t–24 hours of tuxedos and nonsense. (Neatorama)


Just because

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